Brawlers Full Colour

Fantastic Finland

By granitecitybrawlers, Aug 8 2019 05:31PM

In May, Granite City Brawlers ventured further North than most thought possible, and journied to Tampere in Finland. Staying a stones throw from the Moomin Museum, we played two games back to back.

First up was the physically imposing Gothenburg Salty Seamen, before our rematch against Tampere Rollin' Bros, whom we narrowly beat back in September at the Silver City Cup.

Sadly for the Brawlers, both games ended in defeat for our 10 plucky skaters. Great fun was had by all during the trip as the team bonded over beers in the sauna, pay as you go scooters and group photo shoots. The trip ended with a mad dash across Schipol airport and our luggage getting left back in the Netherlands. Apart form Pakk Wylde's, that ended up in Forres of all places!

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